zi-chun-tea-companyWelcome to Zi Chun Tea Company, an international supplier and wholesale distributor of high quality loose leaf teas shipped direct from the major tea growing regions of China, Taiwan, Japan and India. Our main focus is on mid-range to high end specialty teas and we supply to clients primarily in North America, Europe, Australia and Mid-East regions.

We are committed to continued investment in long term partnerships with our existing clients as well developing the same values with new clients. Our best fits are Specialty Tea Shops, Tea Bars, Tea and Coffee Lounges, Online Tea Stores, Local Wholesalers and Regional Distributors.

What we provide for our clients:

An Established, Trusted and Dependable Wholesale Tea Supplier. Read more
Several Hundred Loose Leaf Tea Varieties to Choose From. Read more
Consistency in Tea Quality and Taste. Read more
Latest Harvest Teas from Four Major Tea Regions. Read more
A Resourceful and Experienced Team on the Ground in Each Region. Read more
Transparent Operations from the Tea Garden to You. Read moree
Door to Door Shipping Direct from the Tea Growing Region to Your Door. Read more
Tea Information Readily Available. Read more
Small Minimum Order Quantities. Read more
20kg (44lb) Minimum Order Price Break! Read more
100kg (220lb) Minimum Order Price Break! Read more
Several Shipping Options Available. Read more
Free Samples Readily Available. Read more
Fully Automated Online Ordering – or Manual Ordering via Email if Preferred. Read more
Prompt Inquiry Replies. Read more
Free Sourcing of Teas, Tea Information and Prices of Teas not Listed on our Catalogues. Read more
Free Samples and Shipping Available for Recognized Tea reviewers and Tea Institutions. Read more
Private Labelling, Printing and Packaging Services. Read more
Tea Ware and Accessories Sourcing and Supply. Read more