Zi Chun Wholesale Tea Supplier

An Established, Trusted and Dependable Wholesale Tea Supplier – specializing in Premium Loose Leaf Teas

We at Zi Chun Tea Company are fully committed to our main job of supplying wholesale and bulk teas to our customers.  We are an Australian owned and managed business with a solid footprint in Asia. Over the past 10 years we have grown from a small Taiwan tea business supplying tea to a couple of customers in Australia to now supplying teas from four tea growing regions to customers in 14 different countries worldwide.

Zi Chun Tea is associated with and supports many tea industry entities including ITMA, AASTA, Tea Journey, Steepsters, TChing. Zi Chun Teas are regularly assessed by various international tea experts and reviewers with excellent review results.

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Distributors with Hundreds of Teas to Choose From

High grade and premium 100% loose leaf teas are our specialty. In addition we offer an extensive range of scented and flavored teas that retain the base teas original character and high quality. Some of these include a range of Jasmine teas, flavored Oolongs such as Milk, Strawberry, Ginseng and Osmanthus Oolongs. We supply many unique and rare teas including Pu erh and Dark teas, GABA teas, Wild black teas. We supply some herbal and fruit teas including Organic Mulberry Leaf Tea from Thailand. If you are looking for a particular tea or a particular price for a tea that is not listed, let us know and we can source it for you.

Consistency in Tea Quality and Taste

Maintaining consistency in quality and taste profiles for our teas is critical to a stable tea supply for our customers. While we cannot 100% guarantee the quality and taste will be consistent and never change from season to season and batch to batch, we can assure you that we do all we can to work closely with the tea growers and tea makers to minimize differences. If there is a significant difference in quality or taste from one batch to the next of a tea that is regularly ordered, we will inform you and provide a sample prior to purchasing a new order.

Latest Harvest Teas from Four Major Tea Regions

Supplying teas from the freshest latest harvest is important. For most Green teas and Oolong teas the spring harvest yields the highest grade, but some sometimes winter harvests are exceptionally good and even some autumn harvests can produce very good teas. Our teams on ground in each area monitor the harvests closely and it is their main responsibility to be continually tasting and assessing tea quality and ensuring that only the best teas available at any given time are shipped to our customers.  Our tea experts know their teas and make careful judgments on each batch of tea we purchase.

A Resourceful and Experienced Team on the Ground in Each Region

Our on the ground teams in each country source teas from up to 20 different tea gardens and tea producers covering all of the specialized tea growing areas in each country.  They know the local tea industry well and have very good relationships with many of the farmers and tea processors and they know the value and pricing of the teas in their area.

Transparent Operations from the Tea Garden to You

We feel it is important to be transparent and open about our operations and provide our customers with as much information as possible. One of our strengths is our lean operation and our desire to maintain the smallest distance possible between where the tea was plucked and the person drinking the tea. Our business model of direct shipping from the country of origin to your door supports this. In each country of origin our teams harvest and process some of the teas themselves. They also warehouse a selection of teas purchased from various tea gardens and tea processing plants throughout the country. In most cases we provide you with the names and locations of the tea gardens and tea factories as well as other information about each tea. In a few instances however – especially some of our Taiwan teas, the tea farmers tend to prefer to be somewhat secretive about their tea growing and tea processing and has asked that we not disclose their name and exact location. We respect this as we understand the culture there in this regard.

Door to Door Shipping Direct from the Tea Growing Region to Your Door

We specialize in a providing Door to Door shipping direct from the tea growing regions – getting the freshest and highest grade teas to you as directly and economically as possible. This eliminates the 5-6 month supply chain process of getting average quality teas to you that most of the bigger conventional tea suppliers are limited to. In this way we are able to provide you with a range of teas based on quality and not only price, giving an edge in value to you and your business with “stand-out teas” not just “same old teas”

Tea Information Readily Available

We provide as much information as we can get on each tea including pictures, harvest dates, locations, tea bush varietal and history. This is available online and we also have information sheets on each tea that can be requested via email (these information sheets will be downloadable PDF files online shortly) We regularly update individual tea information and harvest dates and add new teas as they become available. Our team is also continually researching, discovering and learning more about the wonderful world of tea and will be posting articles and news.

Small Minimum Order Quantities

1kg (2.2lb) per tea variety. 3kg (6.6lb) per order/per region.  The minimal order for each tea variety is 1kg (2.2lb). The total order size minimum is 3kg (6.6lb) of tea from each country. The order can be mixed varieties of any teas available from that country.

20kg (44lb) Order Price Break!

Automatic 10% discount for min. order of 20kg (44lb) of tea per region. For orders of 20kg(44lb) up to 99kg(218lb) from each country there will be a discount of 10% on the tea cost. The discount prices are listed on our price lists that we can email you on request (the price lists will be downloadable PDF files online shortly). When you place you order online the 10% discount will take effect automatically at check out.

100kg (220lb) Order Price Break!

Automatic 20% discount for minimum order of 100kg (220lb)of tea per region. For orders over 100kg (220lb) from each country there will be a discount of 20% on the tea cost. The discount prices are listed on our price lists that we can email you on request (the price lists will be downloadable PDF files online shortly). When you place you order online the 20% discount will take effect automatically at check out.

Several Shipping Options Available

Most of our customers opt for express shipping for order under 100kg. for this we choose the most economical option available between the different couriers services such as DHL and FEDEX and the EMS postal service. The postal service also offers other lower priced and slower options for most countries including Airmail package, SAL and surface mail. Some of our customers have their own courier account and if it works out to be more economical they use this option.

Free Samples Readily Available

Up to 12 samples can be requested free of charge from each region with you paying shipping cost only (usually around $30/region) This cost is refunded with the first purchase. Additional samples are provided free of charge with ongoing orders. (Please note: Some conditions may apply regarding requesting samples of high end expensive teas)

Fully Automated Online Ordering – or Manual Ordering via Email if Preferred

Note: Automatic online ordering system is under construction at present

Prompt Inquiry Replies

We will usually reply initially within 24-48 hours and continue to do so with ongoing communications. We are fine with communications via Skype, Wechat, SMS and telephone.

Free Sourcing of Teas, Tea Information and Prices of Teas not Listed in our Catalogs

We are here to help you and provide a service to you as your tea supplier. Feel free to contact us with any tea related questions you may have including sourcing of new teas, prices, availability of rare teas.

Free Samples and Shipping Available for Recognized Tea reviewers and Tea Institutions

We can supply tea samples and shipping free of charge to tea connoisseurs, tea bloggers, tea academics and tea reviewers and tea institutions who will publish a review of our tea or use the tea for teaching, tasting events etc.

If you fit any these categories and would like to receive some samples send us an email at info@zi-chun.com with some information about yourself and the teas needed. Please note: While we are happy to provide samples and appreciate receiving unbiased reviews of our teas, we are not obligated to approve and provide samples to all who request them.

Private Labeling, Printing and Packaging Services

Please contact us directly for your private labeling and printing and packaging needs.

Tea Ware and Accessories Sourcing and Supply

Please contact us directly for any tea ware and accessories needs. We will be happy to provide a quote for you. Please note some products may have high minimum order quantities.