Handy Brew coffee & tea maker

The Handy Brew is becoming increasingly popular for both coffee and tea drinkers. The clever coffee dripper technology makes it simple and easy to brew a great cup of coffee on the go with minimal mess& fuss.

But where the Handy Brew really shines is in it capacity to brew tea – loose leaf, herbal, fruit teas or even tea bags – in an efficient and very effective way. The secret is in the patented one-way valve in the base. After placing the tea in the unit and adding  hot water, you can easily control the steeping time by activating the gravity feed system. Simply place the Handy Brew on your cup and watch while it delivers perfect tea. Stop it at any point by removing it from the cup and placing it on the accompanying coaster. It works equally well with all kinds of teas including herbal and fruit teas.

It’s a great invention — made from 100% BPA free, high grade tritan plastic. This durable and flexible unit, also features a removable and replaceable filter that is easy to clean and lightweight.

Zi Chun Tea sells this product factory direct in bulk orders. Please contact by email for pricing and Minimum order quantities. info@zi-chun.com

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For retail sales in the US and Canada the Handy Brew Tea Maker is available through our affiliate HERE


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