Baozhong – Minjian Four Seasons Taiwan Light Oolong

Tea prices and quantities are per kg (2.2lb) unless otherwise indicated


Harvest Date: Spring Harvest – late April

Growing Region: Minjian, Nantou County, Taiwan

Elevation: 600

Tea Bush/Varietal: Si Ju Chuan (Four Seasons)

Grade: A

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Baozhong Tea Information

Baozhong is the most lightly oxodized of Oolong teas (10%-15% only). Almost resembling a green tea but has a more pronounced fragrance and deeper taste than Green tea. This tea is a economically priced Baozhong grown Minjian, Central Taiwan using the Four Seasons Oolong varietal, unlike the famous Wenshan Baozhong which is grown in the Pinglin District. Nevertheless it is a great tasting tea, excellent value for money and one of our top selling teas.

Also known as:  Paochong; Paozhong; Chin Cha
Farming Methods: Machine cut. Low pesticide
Production: Pan-fired in a unique manner, producing a bright golden brew with a pleasant aroma.

Other notes: The name Baozhong means “paper wrapped” which is how it was distinctively packaged in the early days; The tea was wrapped in five ounce packs in paper made from cotton, and dried by baking. But now with airtight preservation techniques the tea has developed a more modern character. Baozhong tea is a lightly oxidized Oolong tea with some similar characteristics to Green tea It is processed with a light rolling and drying.

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