Four Seasons Black Taiwan Black Tea

Tea prices and quantities are per kg (2.2lb) unless otherwise indicated


Harvest Date: Summer – (July – September)

Growing Region: Alishan Mountain, Jiayi County, Taiwan

Elevation: 400 m (1,312 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Four Season Oolong (Si Ji Chuan)

Grade: A

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Four Seasons Tea Information

Cut: Strip

Farming Methods: Natural farming techniques, machine cut, low pesticide

Production: 100% oxidized. Standard black tea process

Other notes: Before the 1980s Taiwan mainly exported black tea and it wasn’t until the early 1980s that Oolong tea started to become more popular and Taiwan started to become recognized as a premium Oolong tea growing region. It was around the turn of the century that people started acknowledging the expertise of the Taiwanese in producing premium grade black tea. As a result the tea farmers and producers started experimenting with different black tea strains and are now producing some of the finest quality and highest grade black tea in the world.

This black tea is a lower cost black tea compared to some of the higher end varieties now available, but still possesses some of the fine qualities associated with Taiwanese black teas.

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