Fu Zhuan Cha – Dark Tea (Hei Cha) China Fermented Tea - 200g (7oz) Brick

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Harvest Date: End of April, early May

Growing Region: Yiyang, Hunan

Elevation:  670m (2198 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Er Bai Cha

Grade: AAA

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Fu Zhuan Cha Tea Information


Estate Name: Yiyang Baishaxi Tea Garden

Farming Methods: Natural farming. No pesticide (EU complaint)

Production Methods: Tea Plucking-Frying- Rolling-Piling- Rerolling-Baking- Sorting- Compression-Eurotium Cristatum fermenting

Other Notes: Fuzhuan Cha is one of the best Chinese Dark Teas. It is the traditional Chinese tea that has a long history of being transported overland via the famous Silk Road Trade Route and Ancient Tea Horse Trails trade for supplying Tibetans and Mongolians and minority groups in the neighboring regions.

For those not familiar with this tea, it has a different flavor profile than Pu erh Tea. Its a pleasant tasting, easy drinking, soothing tea with sweet undertones and no strong earthiness or astringency or lingering aftertaste

Fu Zhuan Cha is unique in that it develops a type of natural micro-organism bacteria called Eurotium Cristatum (Golden Flowers) during the final fermentation stage. Temperature and humidity need to be closely monitored to ensure the successful growth of the “golden flowers” which are crucial to the final flavor and taste profile, as well as its health attributes

There have been quite a few recent studies and subsequent health claims made about Fu Zhuan Cha because of the “golden flowers” microorganisms that form in the compressed brick. The main ones being
Aids in digestion
Helps metabolizes fat
Lowers blood sugar
Assists in regulating cholesterol levels and blood pressure
Antibacterial Properties

Dry Leaf

Color: Dark brown

Shape/size: Brick, Curly


Brewed Tea

Color: Wine red

Aroma: Special mild vintage fragrance

Body Taste: Mild mellow sweet aftertaste


Recommended Brewing 

Water Temperature: 100 celsius

 Amount (g/150ml): 5g

Steeping Time: 5 minutes

# of Infusions: 3 infusions

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