Fushoushan High Mountain Taiwan Premium Oolong

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Harvest Date: Winter 2016

Growing Region: Taichung county, Taiwan

Elevation: 2,600 m (8,530 ft). Fushoushan is the second highest peak in the Lishan mountain range.

Tea Bush/Varietal: Ching Xin

Grade: AAAA

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Fushoushan High Mountain Tea Information

The prestigious tea is grown in a fertile, virgin forest region in an environment that is completely free from harmful pollutants. The soil is natural & pesticide free.  As it is grown at an elevation of more than 2,500m (8,202 ft), it is covered with a sea of cloud and fog daily, which moistens the leaf blades & creates a natural rich nourishment of trace elements. Because of the extremely cold mountain climate the tea growth is slow & therefore the plants mature slowly, causing the tea to be enriched with vitamins and contain a full sweet & fruity fragrant taste. This tea is harvested twice a year – in May/June and in September/October.

One of the finest quality and most expensive of all Taiwan’s famous High Mountains Oolongs

Also known as: Gaoshan Cha

Farming Methods: Natural farming techniques, hand picked, low pesticide

Production:  Ball rolled Oolong

Other notes: Limited stock available

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