Ginseng Oolong – High Grade Taiwan Flavored Oolong

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Harvest Date:  Late April – early May

Growing Region:  Bamboo Mt. Nantou County, Taiwan

Elevation: 600 – 800m (1,968 – 2,625ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Jin Xuan

Grade: AA

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Ginseng Oolong Tea Information

Ginseng Oolong, also known as the “King’s tea” tea is a popular, flavored Oolong tea. It has the rich smooth taste of Oolong with a pleasant lingering after taste.  Enjoyed by Asians everywhere and is an good “introductory” tea for people starting out on their Oolong tea journey.

Farming Methods: Natural farming techniques. Hand-picked. Low pesticide

Production: Ball rolled. Medium roast. Ginseng Oolong originated from Taiwanese tea makers. They have always made this tea by blending the powder inside the fresh leaves and rolling it in during the rolling process of the fresh leaves. This way it ensures the flavour and sweetness is there uniformly and remains – even with multiple infusions. It was after the tea was introduced to mainland China about 20 years ago that the making process changed. Ginseng Oolong became in big demand in mainland China (and still is). The Chinese usually make Ginseng Oolong by covering the outside of the already rolled and processed Oolong tea with the powder.

Blended with Jiaogulan powder

Here is a link to some more information on Ginseng Oolong and how it is processed: Ginseng Oolong Tea


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