Green Tea Powder China Culinary Tea Powder

Tea prices and quantities are per kg (2.2lb) unless otherwise indicated


Harvest Date: End of September

Growing Region: Zhejiang

Elevation:  570m  (1870 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Wu Niu Zao

Grade: A

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Green Tea Powder Information

Estate Name: Lin’An Qing Shan Hu Tea Garden

Farming Methods: Natural farming. No pesticides – EU compliant

Production Methods: Tea Plucking-Frying- Rolling-Drying- Jet Mill Powdering

Other Notes:  The main difference with China Green Tea powder and Japanese food grade Matcha is in the way it is made into powder. The Chinese method utilizes jet milling which is a modern process using high pressure air flow, whereas the Japanese method utilizes traditional stone grinding. The finished product is very similar although the Chinese Green Tea Powder is usually more finely ground and not as course as the Japanese food grade Matcha. Both are used in the same way primarily for culinary and cooking purposes such as cakes, bread, ice-cream and other food industry products.

The type of leaf that is used for grinding both kinds of powder can also differ. Japanese food grade Matcha often use steamed green tea – although a very different quality to the ceremonial grade or premium grades of Japanese Matcha.

Matcha tea has a long history in China. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, Matcha was the dominant type of tea in China and most of the tea was served at that time was in thee form of stone ground Matcha. (A lot of tea ware designed for Matcha has been found by archaeologists in China). Japan later learned this from China and has kept the tradition of Matcha. In China however since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD), Matcha had become less popular and loose leaf teas have became the dominant type of teas.

Dry Leaf

Color: Green

Shape/size: Powder (3 grades of fineness available)


Brewed Tea

Color: Green

Aroma: Pure green tea flavor

Body Taste: Mellow sweet aftertaste


Additional information

Weight N/A
Powder fineness

300 mesh, 500 mesh, 800 mesh

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