Hong Yu (Red Jade) Taiwan Black Tea #18

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Harvest Date: Summer 2016

Growing Region:  Yu Chi, Sun Moon Lake region, Nantou County, Taiwan

Elevation : 800m (2,625ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Assamica and Taiwan local wild tea strain

Grade: AAA

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Hong Yu Tea Information

Hong Yu is an internationally recognized, premium grade black tea. It is grown & harvested in limited quantities in the beautiful Sun Moon lake area of Central Taiwan, where the Taiwan Tea Research & Extension Station, in collaboration with local farmers, have developed one of the most truly unique and finest quality black teas in the world. The tea plant is a cross between an Assam & a local wild tea strain.

Also known as: Red Jade; Ruby Red; Hong Yu; Taiwan black tea #18
Farming Methods: Hand picked. Natural farming techniques. Low pesticide
Production: Once hand-picked in the early morning, the leaves are allowed to naturally wilt before a quick rolling. The bruised leaves then sit overnight and into the next day on covered bamboo trays to oxidize before they are roasted and then bake dried.

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