Jade Green Snail China Green Tea

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Harvest Date: In the end of April

Growing Region: Shimen, Hunan

Elevation:  1100m (2608 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Shi Fo Xiang

Grade: A

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Jade Green Snail Tea Information

Estate Name: Jiashan Tea Garden

Farming Methods: Tea garden conformed with EU-regualtion

Production Methods: Tea Plucking-Frying- Rolling-Drying

Other Notes: Green Snail is the green tea made by one bud two leaves newly open after Qing Ming. It is tightly rolled into the snail shape. The tea body has bright jade green color. It has fruity flavor and mild mellow taste.

Dry Leaf

Color: Jade green

 Shape/size: Loose Leaf


Brewed Tea

Color: Green

Aroma: Fruity fresh aroma

Body Taste: Mild mellow taste


Recommended Brewing 

Water Temperature: 90 celsius

 Amount (g/150ml): 3g

Steeping Time: 1 – 2 minute

# of Infusions: 2-3 infusions

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