Jade Oolong Taiwan Oolong Tea

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Harvest Date: Spring and Winter

Growing Region: Mingian, Nantou County, Taiwan

Elevation: 400 m (1,32 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Tsui Yu (Taiwan # 13)

Grade: A

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Jade Oolong Tea Information

A popular, economically priced “everyday” Oolong & often served at restaurant and with meals in Taiwan. One of the best “value for price” Oolong teas available.
Also known as: Formosa Oolong; Tsui Yu; Taiwan tea #13, Kingfisher Jade
Farming Methods: Machine cut. Low pesticide
Production: Ball rolled Oolong, 15% Oxidation, Light roast

Other notes: Harvested all year round with the best harvests in spring and winter

Jade Oolong was officially named Tai Cha No.13 in 1982 by the Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES) who did (and continue to do) extensive research in developing new tea strains. They select the best strains while the teas are still in the testing stage and cooperate with the local tea farmers in planting the new varietals of tea in their tea gardens. These are called “testing farms”. Jade Oolong was one of very successful varietal developed during this time, along with Jin Xuan and Four Seasons.

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