Jasmine Pearl (aka Dragon Pearl or Buddha’s Tears) High Grade China Green Tea with Jasmine

Tea prices and quantities are per kg (2.2lb) unless otherwise indicated

Harvest Date:  Early April (Jasmine flowers in June)

Growing Region: Fuding, Fujian

Elevation:  430m (1410ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal:  Fuding Da Bai

Grade: AAA

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Estate Name: Fanxi Tea Garden

Farming Methods: Natural farming. EU pesticide cmpliant

Production Methods: Tea leaf plucking-Frying- Rolling-Drying-Soften and rolled into pearl shape-Scenting with jasmine flower

Other Notes: This Jasmine Pearl is made by the famous Fuding Dabai Cha tea cultivar of Fujian. The material is plucked during the beginning of April. It is tightly rolled into the pearl shape by complete hand work of our workers. The pearl is covered with silver pekoe. It is scented by jasmine flower five times. It has fantastic jasmine fragrance and a smooth mellow taste.


Dry Leaf

 Color: Silver orange brown

Shape/size: Elegant pearl shape


Brewed Tea

 Color: Green

Aroma: Fantastic lasting jasmine flavor

Body Taste: Mellow sweet aftertaste


Recommended Brewing

Water Temperature: 85-90℃

Amount (g/150ml): 3g

Steeping Time: 2 minutes

 # of Infusions: 3

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