Long Jing (Dragon Well) – High Grade China Premium Green Tea

Tea price and order quantity is per kg (2.2lb) which is equal to 5 cakes.


Harvest Date: End of March

Growing Region: Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Elevation:  300m (984 ft )

Tea Bush/Varietal: Local mixed cultivar

Grade: AAA

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Long JingTea Information

Estate Name: Linan Tian Mu Shan Tea Garden

Farming Methods: Natural farming. Pesticide free – EU pesticide complaint

Production Methods:Tea Plucking-Slight withering-Frying (The frying involves around ten complicated handlings)

Other Notes Long Jing is the most famous Chinese tea and usually ranks #1 on the 10 Famous Chinese tea lists . It originates in the Xihu lakeside. The processing of Long Jing tea is almost all done in a thick iron pan and fried by hand. The seemingly simple processing is a very intricate and difficult work of art. The result is an excellent world famous tea. It has lingering orchid bean-like flavor with brisk mellow taste.

Dry Leaf

Color: Yellowish green

 Shape/size: Even flat/Flat straight

Brewed Tea

Color: Green

Aroma: Bean-like orchid flavor

Body Taste: Brisk mellow taste

Recommended Brewing 

Water Temperature: 85℃

 Amount (g/150ml): 2-3g

Steeping Time: 1-2 minutes

# of Infusions: 2-3 infusions

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