Makaibari FTGFOP 1st Fl. 2016 Darjeeling

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Harvest Date: 15.04.2016

Growing Region: Darjeeling, India

Elevation:  About 4,500 feet

Varietal: Clonal

Grade: FTGFOP 1

Farming Methods: Orthodox Darjeeling

Production: Machine Rolled, Hand plucked

Other notes: Makaibari Tea Estates is not only 100 percent organic, but also the world’s only bio dynamically cultivated tea garden. Makaibari produces an authentic, world-class, unblended Darjeeling tea without any artificial ingredients. This multiple-award winning tea has elegant, long, full leaves that infuse several times. It offers the essence of Darjeeling and the lightness of a green tea, with an enormously satisfying cup. It is best when brewed with hot, not boiling water. Its leaves look quite interesting. They emit a lighter, fresher, less bogged down scent that has less deep tones. Light, airy but still very Makaibari.


Recommended Brewing

Water Temperature: 90-95 degrees Celsius

Amount (g/100ml): 2.5 grams / 100 ml

Steep: 4 minutes

# of Infusions: 2

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