Old Tree Yunnan Black Tea China Black Tea

Tea price and order quantity is per kg (2.2lb) which is equal to 5 cakes.


Harvest Date: In the beginning of April

Growing Region: Mengku, Yunnan

Elevation:  1950m

Tea Bush/Varietal: Yunnan Big Leaf Tea Cultivar

Grade: Premium

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Old Tree Yunnan Tea Information

Estate Name: Da Xue Shan Tea Garden

Farming Methods: Natural farming

Production Methods: Tea Plucking-Withering- Rolling-Fermentation- Drying

Other Notes Yunnan Black Tea is one of the Three Most Famous Chinese Black Teas, with the other two Keemum Black Tea, and Lapsang Souchong. This is the Yunnan Black Tea made by the tea leaves from old tea trees aged around 80 years old. And its processing if perfect. It has strong lingering refreshing honey flavor and pure mellow aftertaste. It is one of the best Chinese black tea to have.

Dry Leaf

Color: Bright black and Golden

 Shape/size: Tightly black fat tea body with golden tips, curly

Brewed Tea

Color: Red

Aroma: Lingering refreshing honey flavor

Body Taste: Full levels of pure mellow aftertaste

Recommended Brewing 

Water Temperature: 95 celsius

 Amount (g/150ml): 3g

Steeping Time: 1 minute

# of Infusions: 3 infusions

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