Wu Liang Shan Shou Pu erh 200g (7oz) Cooked Pu erh Cake

Tea price and quantity is per kg (2.2lb) – 5 cakes/kg


Harvest Date: September 2014

Growing Region: Wu Liang Shan, Yunnan Province, China

Elevation:  1,850m (6,069 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Yunnan big leaf cultivar

Grade: AAA Royal (Gong Ting)

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Estate Name: Wu Liang Shan Tea Garden

Farming Methods: Hand Plucking, one bud two leaves. Tea trees aged around 30-50 years, natural growing with farmer’s organic fertilizer, few trimming. Tea garden ecologically stabilized

Production Methods: Tea Leaves Plucking > Withering > Frying > Rolling > Sunshine drying > Pile fermentation (for around 1-2 months) > Refining & grading > Compression

Certification: SGS-report. EU pesticide compliant

Other Notes:  The most critical factor in determining the quality of a shou pu-erh is in the pile fermentation. Good fermentation produces a pleasant dry Chinese jujube flavor, instead of the common earthy and moldy flavor. Our factory is one of the leading factories in the processing of high grade shou pu-erh, with more than 30 years experience. The teas are selected from high mountain tea gardens with plants aged between 30-50 years. These plants are richer in minerals than tea from younger tea gardens in lower elevation regions.

This royal grade is the premium product of our shou pu-erh tea range. It gives pleasant sweet dry jujube flavor and pure smooth taste.

Dry Leaf

     Color: Brownish golden

     Shape/size: Slim golden tips, compressed in 200g cake

Brewed Tea

     Color: Wine red

     Aroma: Pleasant sweet flavor and aroma with an indication of Chinese dates

     Body Taste: Clean and pure smooth tasting

Recommended Brewing 

     Water Temperature: 85 – 95 celsius

     Amount (g/150ml): 3-4g

     Steeping Time: 2-3 minutes

     # of Infusions: 3-4 infusions

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