Yunnan Wild Tree Sheng Pu erh 200g (7oz) Raw Pu erh Cake

Tea price and quantity is per kg (2.2lb) – 5 cakes/kg


Harvest Date: Early March 2016

Growing Region: Yunnan, China

Elevation:  2,000m (6,561 ft)

Tea Bush/Varietal: Yunnan natural growing big leaf cultivar

Grade: AAA

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Our Yunnan Wild Tree Pu erh is made with leaves from wild tea trees grown in the deep natural forest. A smooth, rich creamy tasting tea with a unique orchid flavor.

Estate Name: Da Xue Shan Forestry Mountain

Farming Methods: Naturally grown from seed to tree in forest environment without human interference. Hand Plucking, one bud two – three leaves. (Wild tea tree plucking is not as precise as that of a regular garden tea. It is much more difficult work harvesting the tea leaves and the farmers are inclined to obtain more leaves in each single plucking)

Production Methods: Tea leaves plucked > Slight withering > Frying > Rolling > Sunshine drying > Compressing

Certification: SGS certified, EU pesticide compliant

Other Notes:  The leaves are plucked according to the best timing – late February/early March (In Yunnan, it is very dry and sunny in this time which is ideal for making Pu erh tea. And it is the earliest flush of tea).

The tea gives a fantastic orchid flavor and a smooth, rich creamy taste. It is very rich anti-oxidants. It is the tea for real tea drinkers. As it matures and ages, it will be even better in flavor and taste!

Dry Leaf

     Color: Brownish and yellowish color

     Shape/size: Large curly leaf, in compressed cake

Brewed Tea

     Color: Orange

     Aroma: Wild orchids

     Body Taste: Smooth and creamy

Recommended Brewing

     Water Temperature: 85 – 90 Celsius

     Amount (g/150ml): 3g

     Steeping Time: 2-3 minutes

     # of Infusions: 2-3

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