Wholesale Loose Tea Distributors and Wholesale Tea Supplies

Zi Chun Tea is an International Tea merchant and recognized globally as one of the top wholesale loose tea distributors, specializing in high grade specialty and gourmet loose leaf teas. Our wholesale tea supplies are shipped direct to customers from tea gardens in several different tea growing regions around the world

The Tea Growing Regions We Supply From

Harvesting High Mountain Tea - Li Shan (Pear Mountain) Taiwan (2200m (7,200 ft)

Harvesting High Mountain Tea – Li Shan (Pear Mountain) Taiwan (2200m (7,200 ft)

Taiwan: We specialize in Taiwanese Oolong and unique Taiwanese Black Teas and supply one of the largest and most extensive range of wholesale loose leaf teas available from this region with over 80 different varieties. Some of our most popular and top sellers from Taiwan include Organic GABA tea, Alishan High Mountain Oolong, Milk Oolong, Strawberry Oolong, Ginseng Oolong and Wild black tea.

China: Our China Origin loose leaf teas include most of the famous tea varieties from China with several grades to choose from with most varieties. Our team in China has good relations with many tea gardens and resources and we can also source and supply other teas on request that are not on our regular stock list. We also supply an extensive range of herbal infusions and fruit teas out of China.

Japan: Through our colleagues in Japan located in a tea garden in Shizuoka prefecture, we supply an extensive range of Japanese Matcha and other green teas – both regular and premium grades.

India: Our Indian tea range includes seasonal Darjeeling and Assam teas from many of the top tea estates in India as well as most standards teas such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Masala Chai and more. We also supply a large range of Indian herbal and Ayuvedic infusions blended by our Indian tea makers.

Other Regions: We also supply teas out of Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam to customers on request.

Buying Locally versus Buying Direct From Tea Gardens – Benefits of Direct Supply from Tea Gardens

More and more small to medium sized tea companies, online tea businesses, tea shops, tea bars and restaurants who have traditionally bought from local suppliers are choosing to purchase their teas directly from the tea gardens. Two of the biggest benefits most customers find are 1.) The cost per kilo of tea is lower which means more profit and 2.) They have the assurance of knowing the teas they are purchasing are fresh (often the latest harvest), and in many cases better quality teas. To ensure maximum freshness our wholesale teas are vacuum packed in 250g (.55lb) or 500g (1.1bl) packs at the tea garden.

Who Should Buy?

500g (1.1lb) vacuum packed Oolong tea packages from Taiwan

500g (1.1lb) vacuum packed Oolong tea packages from Taiwan

We are finding our customer base of smaller, medium size businesses is growing. In recent years one of the biggest “hurdles” that we needed to walk new customers through was overcoming the “unknown” factor of importing tea. Many of our customer felt more comfortable buying from local suppliers and were simply not aware how straightforward and uncomplicated is it to purchase and have their tea delivered from abroad. It is a very global market place these days and buying and having an order delivered from China or India is not so different from having it shipped from within your own country, aside from possibly a few days longer delivery time. Tea, in most countries is exempt from import duty and, unless the order is a large ocean freight or air freight shipment, it gets delivered to your door. The old mindset of I’m just a small business and I need to purchase a huge volume to make it worthwhile to import is also not an issue. Our minimum order quantity is only 3kg (6.6lb) from each region and a minimum order of 1kg (2.2lb) per tea variety.

How Do the Shipping Costs Work

Our shipping costs are not marked up and we use the current rates available for Express Post, DHL or FEDEX. Although you can place an order for as little as 3kg (6.6lb), shipping costs do factor in to the overall tea cost. As a general rule the bigger the order (i.e. the more weight of tea ordered) the lower the final cost per kg/lb. Many of our customers order minimum quantities of around 10kg (22lb) or more to bring down the cost per kg/lb. We also provide a price break on the tea cost at 20kg (44lb). So orders of more than 20kg (44lb) start to be quite economical. See here for more details. However starting with a small investment and ordering a small order initially to “test the waters” is quite normal.

How To Start Ordering Direct From Tea Gardens

Some tea business owners do work directly with tea gardens and tea farmers but in most cases tea farmers and tea processing factory owners prefer to not get involved in the sales and marketing of their teas and rely on international tea merchants and wholesale distributors such as Zi Chun Tea Co to handle this for them.

Simply contact us directly via the contact page or write to sales@zi-chun.com with your tea needs and we will be happy to provide our pricing and other details including needed tea information and arranging samples for tasting and comparing. By registering here, you can have access to our wholesale tea and wholesale tea ware prices. (We are presently working on a wholesale online system which we will have in place shortly.


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